brrr is now deprecated and you are invited to use asdf-vm instead. Read the announcement. All files and binaries remain available.


How to list available packages?

The package list is available on Freezer.

Here are few things to make package discovery a nice experience:

Why this?

I want a simple and quick way to install packages, and brew is spending to much time upgrading itself or its package catalog.

What is this nyrst thing?

It all started because of brew. I wanted a name like brew but different and I chose brrr. Like when it is cold. Then came the package repository, I called it freezer. All this happened on my personal GitHub account, and I decided to move it to an organization. I spend a lot of time looking for a name around the themes of "cold", "ice", "north" etc. I came into the word nyrst totally randomly.

This is absolutely not affiliated with Nyrst, a black metal band from Iceland. They have a bandcamp page. Check them out!